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About Us

AMAIDHI TRUST has been established in the year 2008. The Trust established with a motive of protecting environment to save earth and life. The Trust has been started with like minded personalities in environment and social welfare endeavors. The Trust is absolutely irrevocable Public Charitable Trust. The Trust obtained Income Tax Exemptions under section 12A(a) & 80G. The Trust has contributed its services by conducting a programme once in a month regularly for the sake of protecting environment and ecological balance of this region.

Now a days due to lack of awareness on environment especially tree and its uses among the people they were simply cutting the existing trees for their fuel purpose as well as for their income generation opportunities.As per recent survey all most all the forest were as for their income generation opportunities.As per recent survey all most all the forests were demolished in India, in Tamilnadu in most of the rural based areas, the living people were cutting trees for their purpose now a days also. Hence, with the intention to promote awareness on environment among the people and to protect the existing nature and also to control the global warming at least in future amadhi trust was formed. By the young and energetic youths of Tiruvannamalai Town the district headquarters of Tiruvannamalai District in Tamilnadu in the year 2008 and duly registered with the Government of Tamilnadu under Indian Trust Act.

The main activities of our Amadhi trust is creating environmental awareness among the rural people and school students, planting tree saplings in school campus, hill slope, vacant space in all the villages, conducting awareness camps on environment and to conduct rally on environmental awareness and to carryout related activities on environmental issues with a view to protect the existing nature and to bring the people with environmental awareness in future with the intention to control the global warming atleast in future in our level.

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